PÉ NO CHÃO (feet on the ground) is a project started by Mestre Lucas Corvo of Capoeira Canavial to build a community through Capoeira, a bridge between the Capoeira group in Colorado, USA and the one in Rosa Neto in Bahia, Brazil through arts and culture.


CAPOEIRA Impacts The YOUTH directly by giving them something positive to focus on despite the hardships they endure on a daily basis. Capoeira Canavial in Rosa Neto is providing an open and safe environment for all the capoeiristas to freely express themselves, challenging their body and mind in every way. Keeping kids involved in the capoeira community minimizes the time spent on the street where drugs like crack are killing a large number of young people.

CAPOEIRA Promotes CULTURAL DIVERSITY and is inclusive in its foundation. These values encourage youth to develop their unique strengths. Through Capoeira, Mestre Lucas Corvo and Contra Mestre Filhote, help you learn about yourself as well as skills that apply to life.

CAPOEIRA Builds a COMMUNITY within the neighborhood and creates relationships with communities around the world. This creates a sense of opportunity for youth to make positive changes in their lives.

This is the reason why Capoeira Canavial of Colorado will travel to Brazil to organize a Batizado in Rosa Neto on December 22th-24th 2012.
We will provide for all of the expenses including meals and clothes. We will work together with Contra Mestre Filhote to build a solid and long lasting bridge between Capoeira Canavial Colorado and Capoeira Canavial Rosa Neto, Eunapolis, Brazil.