Mestre Lucas Corvo

Mestre Lucas CorvoMestre 2* Lucas (Corvo), Luiz Carlos Assunção Silva, is from Eunapolis, Bahia and has been playing capoeira for almost three decades. Over that time he has traversed much of Brazil, three countries and two continents. He currently lives in Longmont, Colorado.

Mestre Lucas started formally training in capoeira when he met a capoeirista named Moezeis at the age of nine. He had just finished working at the local sawmill and was playing capoeira and practice saltos mortais (flips) on the streets, when Moezis decided to teach the kids some capoeira movements and some new saltos as well. Mestre Lucas was inspired by Moezeis’ capoeira and after that started training vigorously in an academy with him.

Mestre Mano started teaching the art to the same group of friends and from him, Lucas earned his first two cords. Circumstances caused Lucas to then train with Mestre Renato from whom he received his cordao azul, the level of instructor, in March of 1994. He started his own academy that year, but left it in the care of his brother when by the end of the year he had moved to São Paulo.

Once in Sao Paulo, Mestre Lucas started teaching at Academia Motriz. He also had the pleasure to meet and then started training with Mestre Canguru, a formado of Mestre Suassuna of Cordão de Ouro. Mestre Lucas then graduated to “Mestre primero grau” on November 19, 2003. While in São Paulo, Mestre Lucas returned to Eunapolis every year to support his brother’s capoeira group there.

While in São Paulo, Mestre Lucas also participated in many demonstrations of capoeira, maculelê, and other forms of Afro-Brazilian culture with the show group, Rabo de Arraia. Mestre Lucas lived in São Paulo for 13 years, last teaching in Tatuapé, Consolação, e Jabaquara.

Today, Mestre Lucas lives in Longmont. He is teaching classes in Boulder (see the class schedule), in Longmont (see the class schedule), and in Fort Collins (see the class schedule).Mestre Lucas has been living in the United States since 2007. He spent his first three years in the San Francisco Bay Area where he taught with The Works Cooperative and The Alameda Education Foundation and performed for Young Audiences.

In Brazil, the United States, and now internationally, Mestre Lucas has continued to visit various academies and participate in rodas, workshops, and batizados. At such events, Meste Lucas has given special workshops with Mestre Suassuna; Mestres Onca e Deputado (alunos de Mestre Bimba); Mestres Gato, Peixinho, Jogo de Dentro, Claudio Angoleiro, Luis Mechicina Bahia, Camisa and others.

And to these mestres and many others, Mestre Lucas feels very indebted, as it is through them and in dialog with them that he helps to keep alive the culture, history, movements, music, rhythm, and lifestyle of capoeira.

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